We optimize our clients Product Information Ecosystem

and we are passionate about our job.

Our unique competence is within PLM and the technology areas and business processes handling product information. Our experience is that professional control over product information is the key when facing tough requirements on improved quality, shorter delivery times and increased profitability. This applies for the whole chain from sales and design through purchasing, logistics, development and manufacturing, to delivery and service.

We are proud to help improve company value, handling and usage of product information and to support management teams in the implementation of critical process changes and IT initiatives.

Tobias Kähäri

“After 5 years at FiloProcess I still love the challenge of helping our customers improve".


Experiences from 9 different customer organizations have shown me that while common themes can be seen, every situation is pretty much unique. This is where I think FP excels – when there is a requirement for a touch of craftmanship.

I dare to say that the current FiloProcess is our best roster yet. I highly recommend you to take the chance to be challenged and work together with me and my awesome colleagues, whether you are searching for a business partnership or looking for employment!

We empower our individuals so that our organization can become stronger. This is something that I have seriously felt during my time at FP; being expected to take responsibility from day one. We grow by taking accountability for our own results and our personal development.”

Caroline Winroth

"Consulting is not so scary after all!"

Caroline started working at FiloProcess after six years of employment in a large industrial company.
“Despite a good career and a lot of change initiatives, it can be difficult for large industrial companies to get away from them the most basic problems. I felt a sense of being stuck with my previous employer. I applied for a consulting company both to create a broader insight into different industries, but also for the variation in assignments.
Since I started at FiloProcess I have experienced a new mentality. Consulting is not so scary after all. Here, there is a great interest in their work, which is reflected in the openness between colleagues. It is also a warming personal care from the management where one does not become one in the crowd as it can be experienced in larger companies.”
– Caroline Winroth, Project Manager

Konrad Horkeby

"I have fun at work every day!"

Konrad has been employed at FiloProcess since 2012. After five years of studies at Linköping University and a master’s degree in Supply Chain Management he was assumed to FiloProcess’ trainee program. Today he is project manager and a member of the board group.

“We have an entrepreneurial spirit at FiloProcess that offers a great possibility to influence your situation, which is both stimulating and challenging but above all fun! I see a continuous career at FiloProcess as something obvious for me.”

– Konrad Horkeby, Project Manager

Lovisa Viktorsson

"I work with strategic aspects in large and complex transformation programs."

Lovisa started her employment at FiloProcess in 2008. She holds a Pol Mag from Uppsala University with complementary studies from abroad.

“I model business strategies in detail to simplify the understanding of what needs to be done and when. I provide information on how these actions and stakeholder decisions will affect the business. To make something complex more tangible is something I enjoy very much!
A regular day consists of independent analysis and meetings with specialist and stakeholders. It is very stimulating to be surrounded by so many clever people and I keep developing every day. Everyone at FiloProcess is so nice, it is easy to ask for and receive support if needed as knowledge sharing is something very natural.”

– Lovisa Viktorsson, Management Consultant

A word from our CEO, Bengt Sareyko

The foundation of the services we provide is integrity and professionalism,

and it is our firm belief that any recommendation is better if unbiased.  It is equally important that the strategic recommendations are doable and result in measurable value.  Optimisation of the Product Information Ecosystem requires competence, experience and objectivity. That is why we offer our customers a broad and specialized team of experts independent from tool suppliers. This position gives us a unique possibility to propose the best solution to our clients. The key to success is to solve the challenge and improve our clients’ capability to reach their business objectives.

Our culture

Customer focus and customer value is in our DNA.

We are committed in the pursuit of being an encouraging and competent business partner that challenges both ourselves and our customers to strive for improvement. 

 At FP we all maintain an involving climate where you are invited to actively share your knowledge and experience with colleagues and customers. Respect, competence and creativity makes us who we are and mold our organization. Sharing information and taking responsibility makes us grow and helps us set the individual and organization for success. 


FiloProcess is, since 1 June 2016, part of Aros Technology Partner AB (ATP).

The technical consultant companies Tritech Technology AB and Deva Mecaneyes AB are, together with FiloProcess, part of the ATP Group . On Sep 1 2016, Bengt Sareyko took over as CEO for FiloProcess and although the companies act on separate targets and strategies, a closer cooperation with the other companies has been initiated.