Graduate Positions

We are now open for applications to our Graduate Position in Sep 2019.

If you have studied engineering, production, supply chain, service delivery or industrial processes you are qualified to apply to our Graduate Positions. Besides a relevant education we require a good knowledge of Swedish and English.

FiloProcess’ Graduate Position contains a mix of training from internal assignments as well as participation and deliveries in ongoing client projects. Learning by doing is our device. You will team up with more senior colleagues in a variety of deliveries to get a good understanding of how we deliver customer value. After a few months of initial introduction to our world of consulting you set your goals with your mentor. Your education will be focused on necessary requirements to reach your target role. Meanwhile you will gain valuable insights in project governance, business strategies  and analysis as well.

It will not take long for you to become a full-fledged consultant at FiloProcess!

We encourage our consultants to be engaged in their own development and to shape their own future. We take great pride in our focus on customer value and hope you share our passion for high quality deliveries!

Planned activities for graduate position


Apply to a graduate position 2019 by sending your CV and personal letter to

We will accept applications sent in by the latest 20 Nov. 28 Nov we will carry out the first assessment night with guesstimates, interviews and possibilities for you to meet some of our consultants.

If you wish to book a personal meeting for more information, please contact

We look forward to seeing you!