New talents to FiloProcess! Adam Krapf and Max Thörn

FiloProcess keeps growing and we are pleased to introduce our new talents, Adam Krapf and Max Thörn. Here is everything you need to know about Adam and Max.

Adam holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping’s University. Previously, Adam has worked as a Management Consultant which has given him great project management experience. Along with extensive knowledge within business development and modularization in the automotive industry.

Max holds a B.Sc. in business majoring in finance from Oxford Brookes University in Budapest. Max has previously worked as a Management Consultant, Structured Derivatives Specialist and Strategy Analyst. This has given Max substantial project management experience. As well as profound knowledge in process improvement, automation and digital transformation in various industries.

Curious in learning more about our new talents? Learn more about Adam at LinkedIn and more about Max at LinkedIn.

With that said, we are certain that these traits will be a great contribution to FiloProcess and we are excited to start working with you – warm welcome.

If you would like to work with Adam Krapf or Max Thörn, or any of our other consultants, do not hestitate to contact us. Do not hesitate to contact us with other business proposals or collaborations that you see fit FiloProcess.

Adam Krapf and Max Thörn