Increased Knowledge About Product Information Creates Prerequisites for Business Development.

FiloProcess has over 25 years´ experience of Product Information Management and collaboration with several of Sweden’s leading industrial companies. Our main competence has always been Product Lifecyle Management (PLM), technology and processes associated with Product Information.

From our point of view this is an area in major transformation by many reasons, related to what is designated as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0.

Examples of significant causes such as new technology and essential higher degree of customization, requirements of shorter lead-times, time-to-market and profitability drives evolution within the Product Information area.

We see an increasing number of companies that fundamentally changing their business models, how PLM and streamlining of Product Information Management is becoming more relevant than ever.

Available, Traceable, Trusted and Machine-Readable information is a prerequisite to succeed with business development today. But how to do it?

FiloProcess offers services within four main areas which in different ways contributes to enhance knowledge and awareness how Product Information empowers business development, what it takes and how to do it.

We perform strategic analyzes, give recommendations and execute implementations on middle- to large scale companies. For more information about this, go to Strategy & Definition.

We provide methods to solve given problems, execute pilots and improve specific areas or departments related to Product Information. For more information go to Method & Analysis.

We hold knowledge and methods to create the best prerequisites to develop data driven business models and organizations. Read more under Implementation.

We also offer consultancy with a wide knowledge spectra within the Product Information area and PLM. Go to Management Consulting to get now our consultants.

Strategy & Definition

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Method & Analysis

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Management Consulting

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